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Gujarat for Seniors- 21st Nov 2023

Experience the timeless beauty of Gujarat with our carefully designed senior-friendly group tour. From the historic wonders of Ahmedabad to the tranquil retreats of Gandhinagar and the cultural richness of Bhuj, this tour is tailored to provide comfort and convenience to mature travelers. Enjoy leisurely-paced exploration, accessible accommodations, and expert guidance. Join us for a memorable journey through the heart of Gujarat. Book your spot now and embark on an enriching adventure.

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Spiti Road Trip- 15 Jul,12 Aug,16 Sept

10 days Spiti valley road trip from Chandigarh in summers of 2022, covering Chitkul, Kalpa, Kaza, Kinnaur Valley and all the best places in Spiti.

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The Great Lakes Of Kashmir Group - 30 Jul 2022

The Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek is set in an almost heavenly arena of high Mountain vistas, endless Pasturelands, and of course, the great Lakes. Arguably the best way to witness the beauty of the Kashmir Himalaya, you will be rewarded with a palette of colours every single day that you walk on this trail. The trek is moderate but goes over high 3900m+ high passes, but the relaxing terrain, deep blue coloured Mountains and lush Flower filled Meadows make the going extremely pleasant. Local shepherds, their herds and families may be your trail companions. The Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek will lead you to its turquoise blue-green lakes, climbs over high altitude passes and offers you one of the best trail experiences you will savour for a lifetime.

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Valley Of Flowers - 14 Aug 2022

Valley of Flowers, an exceptionally beautiful high-altitude Himalayan valley, is nestled in the higher reaches of Pushpawati valley in Joshimath, Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is internationally renowned for its richly diverse Alpine Flora(including many species of medicinal plants),outstanding biodiversity and exquisite natural beauty. Known in India as ‘Nandan Kanan’ since ancient times,Frank S. Smythe, a British mountaineer, reached this virgin landscape by chance, during his return from Kamet expedition. Awestruck by its pristine beauty and blooming meadows of Alpine Flowers, he named it as ‘Valley of Flowers`

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Camping in Zanskar - 5 Sep 2022

Camping in Zanskar,(Starting 5th Sep 2022) Ladakh will take you on an incredible journey into a world untouched by the stress and hustle bustle of the urban lives; where the land reaches out to the heavens and where you just might discover the real you, walking dreamily along a lazy stream. Experience Nature at its best and commune with its sights and sounds. This is no ordinary journey; prepare for the Magic of a Lifetime.

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Char Dham Group - 7 Sep 2022

High in the Garhwal Himalaya sit some of the holiest sites in the Hindu Religion - Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath - where temples mark the spiritual sources of four sacred rivers; the Yamuna, the Ganga, the Mandakini and the Alaknanda. Together, they make up one of the most important Yatra (Pilgrimage) Circuits in all of India, known as the Char Dham (four seats, or abodes)

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New Zealand Group Tour - 7 Oct 2022

Travel to New Zealand with our groups and have `ALIFETIMETRIP` Experience

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GroupTour: Leh By Air

Join in for a thrilling experience in our group tours to Leh Ladakh. Leh Ladakh group tours ex Leh. Fly to Leh, join a group.

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GroupTour: 10N11D/ Ex-Srinagar by Road

Join the group to Ladakh and make the dream trip most happening.

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Very much happy to travel with your team has put in for making this trip a memorable one for us.

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