About Us

  • Shweta

    A dedicated cute little kid of the team. Also the slow-eater who takes double the time to finish lunch.

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  • Gaurav

    Born traveler, leader and visionary of team. Thinks, thinks and thinks again. Then DOES IT!

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  • Mayank

    An avid TRAVELER who loves to conquer peaks and touch the sky by keeping the feet grounded.

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  • Asha

    Calculative, competitive and empathetic mind at work. Otherwise, the God fearing mother of the team.

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  • Meenakshi

    The jovial heart of the team. Responsible and Rational. Knows how to get things done.

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  • Lohith

    Core traveler- by heart and by mind

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  • Pritam

    The man who-knows-all and who can do it all. Reliable and independent desi boy.

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  • Kirti

    Intriguing mind with the hunger to learn more and perform better. Holds the position of being youngest in the team.

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  • Nidhi

    Thinker and Achiever. Keeps calm and believes in KARMA.

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  • Vijay

    The Hardworking guy who is mostly found trying to expand our portfolio, doing new things, meeting unique requirements and available 24X7.

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  • Ankita

    Senior-most and committed family member of ALT.

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  • Mahima

    Confident and carefree soul. Manages the assigned destinations like a boss.

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